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Are you looking for efficient, cost effective and compliant onboarding and ongoing due diligence of your customers with highest quality standards?

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Protect business

We help protect your business

Our experienced team, led by compliance expert in the financial industry, the former Director of Compliance at Visa, perform high quality standards due diligence ensuring compliance with the KYC anti money laundering laws and regulation of multiple jurisdictions, to enable you fully know your customers before you onboard them and give them access to your system. We maintain oversight on your client’s KYC records during the relationship by regular monitoring of profile change.

Lower costs

Lower on-boarding costs

By utilizing our technology, knowledge and resources operating from Lithuania, we would save additional costs at your end by reducing your expenditure on:
1. KYC, on-boarding staff (hiring cost, remuneration, bonuses, development and training, facilities and utilities, allowances, other benefits).
2. Technology system development and ongoing maintenance and integration.
3. Multiple subscriptions and purchase of data and content for screening, identification and verification.
Faster on-boarding

Faster on-boarding

Our enthusiastic team with the support of top-notch technology and resources including data repository of API access to over 200 commercial registries, would ensure faster on-boarding, and accordingly, better client experience

Hight quality

Hight Quality

We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients. All our team of professionals possess solid experience and are well trained, with quality assurance system in place to ensure delivery of accurate and high quality results.

Secure system

Secure system

Our system ensures access to data and information is closely monitored and controlled, and fully secure. It also provides full visibility by the client on access permissions and users of the system.

Full audit trail

Full Audit Trail

Our system ensures demonstration of the full due diligence to the regulator, by documenting a clear and detailed audit trail for all KYC cases and users history.

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