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ComplyTech is a Regulatory Technology firm (RegTech) based in Lithuania.

Michel Farah, former Director of Compliance at Visa is the leader of ComplyTech, with a team of experts of international experience in the field of anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism.

Michel is a FinTech and Compliance entrepreneur. He brings a wealth of over 17 years’ experience in FinTech and payment industries in the US, Europe, Middle East, Africa, CIS &SEE, Russia and Asia Pacific regions with expertise in designing and implementing effective anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing programs, anti-bribery corruption compliance, internal control and Enterprise Risk assessment, Business Ethics, information security and data protection, third party due diligence and testing, and audit of quality management systems.

ComplyTech partnership model supports the financial institutions in meeting the evolving anti money laundering regulatory requirements with regards to their client’s KYC and due diligence obligations.

Our solution has been designed to address the operational challenges facing financial institutions with regards to client on-boarding and ongoing due diligence process, and enabling the delivery of a first-class service to their end clients whilst ensuring regulatory compliance in a rapidly changing market.

The service offers our customers tangible benefits:

Operational efficiencies and cost savings by eliminating manual processes and enabling the automation of back office functions

Revenue growth through reallocating resources to focus on value added activities and enabling cross selling

Improved customer retention through faster client on-boarding

Improved time to revenue by reducing the time taken for customer acceptance decisions during the on-boarding process

An enhanced client experience through a secure and permission controlled document exchange facility and user- friendly interfaces

Strict data protection and information security controls to access and protect sensitive customer data

Reduced regulatory burden through alignment with existing and future KYC regulations

A risk based governance framework providing comprehensive levels of assurance supported by audit trails of changes to data and information

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