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KYC as a Service

It's a managed service designed for the use of financial institutions to satisfy the evolving regulatory requirement.

We perform due diligence to fully onboard your customers and monitor the KYC records during the relationship by utilising end-to-end technology solution with a team of international experts in anti-money laundering and sanction compliance.


File and Data Collection

The application of end client (Applicant) with the submitted identify information and documentation are sent by the Financial Institution to ComplyTech (via API) to initiate the onboarding process


Case management and secure end-to-end solution for identification and verification, screening of data and identity of Ultimate Beneficial Owner

Risk Scoring

The solution risk scores the end client in line with the Financial Institution’s risk assessment and risk scoring methodology, so that the level of Due diligence is determined

Ongoing Due Diligence

Ongoing monitoring of clients completed KYC profile records:

o Regular screening

o Fixed periodic reviews (Refresh and update of KYC profile records)

o Alerts on documents and data expiry


End Client outreach via a dedicated Client customer service team (optional)

Record Publishing

Completed end client records are published and made available to financial institution to review or download via the online portal (or API)

Process flow

Ongoing Due Diligence

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